Introducing David Stevens

David Stevens began in his career at his father's modest workshop in the heart of London's East End. Later, becoming an accomplished hand-cutter/fitter, he was employed by several leading tailoring companies in London including Daks, Norton & Sons and Chester Barrie of Savile Row.

In 1994, David formed his first tailoring company, called Chelsea Moda, in Barcelona. It ultimately consisted of four shops and a working studio. Leaving Spain in the summer of 1999, he headed back home to England to work at the high-end of the retail industry for Harrods, Burberry and eventually as a tailor/senior-manager for Hackett.

Having a wealth of experience from the tailoring and retail business, he decided to merge the two disciplines to form Fusion Tailoring, a business which has been successfully running since 2005, and boasts a vast and growing client list which includes British actors, rock singers/musicians, Premier League footballers and prominent businessmen from leading banks, law, auditing and financial companies.

The popularity of Fusion Tailoring can be explained by the ease of access customers have to our high level of expertise, combined with the provision of quality and style at the keenest of prices.