We know the importance of looking great on your wedding day and nothing is more satisfying than a suit, tuxedo or morning dress made especially for you. We are also happy to look after the tailoring requirements of wedding guests. Just contact us for a consultation and we will make sure your special day is just that little bit more special.

If you are planning on a traditional look, it is normally up to the groom to arrange his best man’s apparel and that of the ushers, his father and father-in-law. Groomswear can come in many different kinds and textures of cloth, colours and styles, but whatever is chosen should coordinate with the rest of the wedding theme.

We at Fusion Tailoring are experienced in advising our clients on what style of suiting will best complement the type of wedding in mind and will offer our thoughts on how to use matching and contrast to the best effect. Ideally it is best to start planning four months in advance of the wedding date to ensure there is enough time to get everyone individually fitted.